The judges always appreciate good banter and good insight, and we had plenty of both this past week. 

Here are your medalists:

The bronze goes to Sandy. I know Sandy tries to play it cool, but I get the sense, from comments like this one, that he doesn't like the Mets' owners:

The only way to get rid of the Mets' current regime, since they claim to not know (but really don't care) if fans like them is to stop going to games, stop watching on TV and stop buying merchandise until they are making so little money or losing so much more than they have already that they are forced to sell.

The silver goes to the consistently caustic Bob Tufts, who reveled in "Moneyball's" strikeout at the Oscars:

Rumor has it that Billy Beane said that his *&%$% doesn't work at the Oscars, either.

And the gold goes to longtime commenter Jim, the straight shooter, who offered his take on the Ryan Braun case:

I have to applaud the Ryan Braun ruling. Since he wasn't "convicted" he is assumed innocent. Baseball management will never win any awards for intelligence. Yes, overall management is good at making money. After all, they have a great game that not even incompetent owners and commissioners could kill and they have protection from antitrust laws.

The CBA has been agreed to both sides. It dictates the responsibilities of both sides. It doesn't matter what anyone's opinion is. What matters is the wording in the CBA and the ruling of baseball's arbitrator. Braun is innocent until baseball proves otherwise.

Thanks to everyone who participated.

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