MLB executive vice president for baseball operations Joe Torre watches...

MLB executive vice president for baseball operations Joe Torre watches batting practice during Gatorade All-Star Workout Day. (July 15, 2013) Credit: Getty

One of Bud Selig's favorite sayings, as far as instant replay goes, is "Life isn't perfect." Starting next season, however, it looks like Major League Baseball will move a little closer toward eliminating some of the game's more obvious flaws by expanding the current replay system.

"We're pretty confident we'll have it in place for 2014," MLB executive vice president Joe Torre said Tuesday. "We just have to make sure that once we do make this commitment, we want to be able to go forward and not backward."

Torre has been part of a committee that also includes Tony La Russa and former Braves general manager John Schuerholz. One of the last details to work out apparently involves what would "trigger" more video review, such as a manager's challenge, like the system used by coaches in the NFL.

"We expect it would be very different than football because we have a time issue," Torre said. "We don't want this thing to drag on because I think people would lose interest, to be honest with you. If we decide to go to challenge, it certainly would be something of not where it can happen a lot."

The type of plays being considered are fair or foul down the line past the bag and also balls that are "trapped" by fielders. But Torre left open the possibility of some base calls, as well. He's just not sure yet how that will be handled.

"We're not limiting ourselves," Torre said. "We're still talking and we've moved quite a bit. I'm not really prepared to give you chapter and verse because we're still in the tweaking stages."

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