Gary Carter received news that his tumors have improved by...

Gary Carter received news that his tumors have improved by 80 percent. (April 3, 2006) Credit: Paul J. Bereswill

Gary Carter received positive news Tuesday in his battle with glioblastoma, an aggressive form of brain cancer. According to his daughter, Kimmy Bloemers, the former Met was told by doctors at the Duke Medical Center that the tumors had improved by "80 percent."

" very encouraged and very, very pleased with these results [as we all are!]," Bloemers wrote on the family's website. "There is much less swelling and the tumors are less dense and 'less angry.' The size is a little smaller but the most important fact is that these tumors are starting to go away! The plan is now for dad to start treatment that will require five days of chemo in a pill form and then he will do Avastin twice a month."

Carter was diagnosed with cancer on May 31, and Bloemers said in Tuesday's blog post that the tumors originally "had doubled in size" from his first MRI at Palm Beach County Hospital to the one at Duke 10 days later.

"That is how aggressive they were," Bloemers wrote, "and so this makes the results that much more amazing."

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