Jacob deGrom delivers a pitch to Ben Revere of the...

Jacob deGrom delivers a pitch to Ben Revere of the Philadelphia Phillies during the first inning on April 13, 2015 at Citi Field. Credit: Getty Images

The streaking Mets are playing in front of larger-than-normal crowds at Citi Field to start the 2015 season.

Through their first seven home games this season, the Mets are averaging 35,268 fans. That's the second best start over the same time period at Citi Field since it opened in 2009.

It also is 10.9 percent higher than the average crowd of 31,778 through the first seven home games in Citi Field's first six seasons (2009-14).

Aiding the Mets' surging drawing power -- besides two Matt Harvey starts -- is a 7-0 record to start the year at home.

The Mets also drew a Citi Field record crowd of 43,947 for this season's home opener.

Here's the average attendance during the first seven home games from each season in Citi Field history (Mets' record is in parenthesis):

2015: 35,268 (7-0)

2014: 30,506 (2-5)

2013: 27,811 (5-2)

2012: 32,317 (4-3)

2011: 30,027 (1-6)

2010: 32,685 (3-4)

2009: 37,424 (4-3)