Ike Davis scores David Wright with a sacrafice fly during...

Ike Davis scores David Wright with a sacrafice fly during the 5th inning. (April 8, 2011) Credit: Thomas A. Ferrara

The Mets Run Factor returns for Week 2 with a new player at the top of the list.

As a refresher, here's what the Mets Run Factor is. It takes Bill James' sabermetric known as "Runs produced" and divides it in two different ways. We're not inventing some new way to analyze stats. Rather, we're presenting an existing sabermetric and showing it in a different way for Mets fans. The MRF updates every Monday.


Ike Davis166671211.125.273
David Wright167011821.063.243
Jose Reyes167711611.000.208
Carlos Beltran15549620.867.241
Willie Harris14506710.857.240
Angel Pagan16717610.750.169
Scott Hairston15284510.533.286
Daniel Murphy14343400.500.206
Josh Thole15503300.400.120
Lucas Duda8201100.250.100
Brad Emaus14422100.214.071
Mike Nickeas5131000.200.077
Chin-Lung Hu10112000.200.182