Former manager Jerry Manuel surfaced on MLB Network and offered some observations on two of his former players.

``I think David Wright is the key,''' Manuel said. ``The last two years has been somewhat streaky for an offensive player. It’s either been hot or cold, nothing in-between. It's like when you turn on the faucet, you get either one, but when you’re streaky you don’t get either one. That’s going be a key for them going forward because he sits right in the middle of the order and he's a righthanded hitter.’’

Manuel also had this to say about Jose Reyes:

``I think the best baseball is ahead of Jose Reyes, I think Jose Reyes is a stallion. He's out of control at times, that's do to anxiety, not intelligence...All he needs is responsibility for the maturation process. He wants to be the best.''




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