Mets fans, with your general manager remaining cross-armed as the trade deadline approaches, how would you like to sign a 70-year-old Free Agent in, say, November?

Joe Torre crosstown?

Joe Torre back in New York?

Joe Torre in Queens?

Joe Torre back to where he was from 1975-1981 -- on the field and at a the top step of the dugout?

Joe Torre in orange and blue?

Joe Torre... a Metropolitan?

Well, if you listen to one columnist -- Ian O'Connor -- he is advocating for Minaya and the Mets to target the former Yankee skipper if they fire Jerry Manuel.

O'Connor advocates for the current Dodger manager and former Yankee championship winning skipper to make a return to New York -- albeit Flushing -- if indeed Minaya cans Manuel.

Says O'Connor: "So the Mets must take a broad survey of a landscape low on options. They won't lay out nine figures for a franchise pitcher or player, but they do have the means to offer a 70-year-old free agent $20 million over three years and take their chances."

Well, now I'll leave it to the Met fans. You saw what Torre did for over a decade across the Whitestone? Is their still bad blood? Would he be welcome back? Does his hated stint during the 90's and 2000's outweigh his time at Shea in the 70's and 80's.

Would Joe Torre be welcome as a Met again? And if he is, is this even possible?

Feel free to comment and leave your take? Do you feel its conceivable? A pipe dream? What would it take? Would it be money well spent? Would you rather spend it somewhere else? Let's get a discussion going.