Maine talking about last night’s performance:

“You know I very rarely pitch like this, get hit around and things like that, it’s frustrating. It’s hard, because…I’m doing the right things, I just can’t put it together. I threw some good offspeed pitches, I think the biggest thing, I know my fastball needs to get down, that’s the biggest thing….when I do throw balls they’re still  hit too, they’re hit for doubles. It’s just frustrating….I’m working, I’m doing the same thing I’m always doing and these kind of things rarely happen and this is awful right now.”

“I seem to get two outs quickly, and it’s one pitch away and you just don’t get that last guy and things kind of snowball. It’s more of a mental process and something I’ll have to evaluate…the second thing I need to do is work on my fastball. It’s a weird thing, I’ve thrown more offspeed pitches for strikes than I have fastballs for strikes and you know I’m not really that type of pitcher…I’ve got to get back to what I’ve done and pitch how I pitch…I hate it, I hate everything about what’s going on right now. It’s frustrating.”

In comparison to the laid-back Manuel approach, Maine talked like a speeding train. He said about 15 times how frustrated he is, and it certainly came out in his voice. We'll take a look at specifics of his start later on today, but for now, at least know he isn't trying to find the sunny side of the situation or making excuses. He seems to be at as much of a loss as many Mets fans are.

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