Jose Reyes (#7) of the New York Mets hits a...

Jose Reyes (#7) of the New York Mets hits a single against the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. (June 18, 2011) Credit: Getty Images

Jose Reyes continues to be the Mets top run producer in 2011. Reyes is hitting a lofty .360 during the month of June and has 103 hits on the season, tops in the NL.  Justin Turner moved ahead of an injured Ike Davis on the list thanks to three RBIs in games against the Braves and Angels. 

Here's a look at the season's MRF thus far.

Jose Reyes69328542931.159.244
Justin Turner44173203021.091.277
Ike Davis36149202571.056.255
Carlos Beltran702883544100.986.240
David Wright39172231860.897.203
Angle Pagan 42179191920.857.201
Jason Bay47197231320.723.173
Ruben Tejada29112101000.690.179
Daniel Murphy68249272240.662.181
Mike Nickeas8233310.625.217
Jason Pridie47122171330.574.221
Josh Thole54185101800.519.151
Fernando Martinez9213210.444.190
Willie Harris5412316810.426.187
Lucas Duda19483400.368.146
Scott Hairston40678930.350.209
Ronny Paulino29892810.310.101
Nick Evans8172000.250.118
Brad Emus14422100.214.071
Chin-Lung Hu22232100.136.130


What is the Mets Run Factor? 

The Mets Run Factor is a fairly simple statistical metric. It takes the "Runs produced" sabermetric created by Bill James and divides it in two different ways.

Equation 1

The first equation is R + RBI - HR / G = Runs produced per game, as indicated in the chart above as MRF/G.

Equation 2

The second equation is R + RBI - HR / PA = Runs produced per plate appearance, as indicated in the chart above as MRF/PA.

The Mets Run Factor is updated every Monday. See past Mets Run Factor reports.