Starter ERA: 4.23

Bullpen ERA: 2.70

Runs scored: 14

Runs allowed: 13

Hits allowed: 32

Walks allowed: 9

Home runs allowed: 3

Met hits: 22

Met walks: 13

Met home runs: 1

Record: 1-2

Overall, the pitching, which was the biggest concern coming out of spring training was pretty good. Santana was strong, Niese was good and Maine was just shy of okay. The bullpen didn’t distinguish itself on Wednesday, but performed well the other two games.

The offense is what seems to be the problem early on. While the team is certainly walking and trotting home on balks in big spots, the hits aren’t necessarily falling in right now. It’s still early but Luis Castillo is 1-for-10, David Wright is 2-for-10 and Mike Jacobs is 1-for-9. Jason Bay has scored four runs but hasn’t driven any in—there’s been no one on base in front of him. Oddly enough, the centerfield platoon is performing the best so far, with Gary Matthews Jr. and Angel Pagan combining to go 5-for-13 with four runs scored and an RBI.

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