Jenrry Mejia pitching in the 6th inning in relief of...

Jenrry Mejia pitching in the 6th inning in relief of John Maine at Citi Field. (April 7, 2010) Credit: David Pokress

The Mets didn't really handle this one well, did they?

First, they bring the 20-year-old north from spring training with the idea of making him an important setup man. But they forget the "important" part and have him pitch mainly low intensity innings.

Then, Jerry Manuel kinda forgets about him and he doesn't pitch much at all.

Finally, after hinting about it umpteen times, the Mets yesterday sent Mejia to Double-A to work as a starter.

Did the Mets screw this up? Of course they did. Did you expect otherwise?

But in the end it probably won't have any lasting impact on Mejia. Generally, talented people find a way to overcome incompetent or semi-competent management. If Mejia is the real deal, he'll be back in the majors -- or will be an important trade piece -- soon enough.

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