The first game of yesterday's doubleheader at Citi Field ended in horrifying fashion for one young boy, who was struck in the face by a line drive hit by the Marlins' Greg Dobbs in the ninth inning.

The Mets did not release the name of the fan, who was seated along the rightfield line, not far from the Mets' dugout. He was ushered out of the stadium in a wheelchair with his face covered after the game. But Justin Turner witnessed the event, and after the boy was tended to, he handed his jersey to the child's mother in an attempt to lessen the blow of the traumatic accident.

"He got hit right between the eyes," Turner said. "It was probably one of the worst things I've seen on a baseball field. Blood was squirting out of his forehead and onto his mom. It was pretty disturbing . . . You never want to see anything like that happen, especially to a 10-year-old kid coming to the game."