The cover to Newsday's 2022 baseball preview section featuring Max...

The cover to Newsday's 2022 baseball preview section featuring Max Scherzer. Credit: Newsday

It’s time to forget the words we were fed for 99 days this winter — lockout, negotiations, revenue, compensation — while waiting for hard news about the game we love. But Opening Day is here, and it’s time to greet the new faces that have replaced old ones, time to weigh the deals designed to foster new hope for our favorite teams, and time for Newsday to deliver this Baseball Preview as our opening pitch to you.

As you travel through these stories, you’ll see how the Mets went all-in to land new ace Max Scherzer, pairing him with old ace Jacob deGrom. But with deGrom’s shoulder now ailing and Scherzer’s gimpy hamstring, manager Buck Showalter is understandably concerned about this one-two pitching punch.

The Yankees were not the big bucks player in free agency their fans hoped they would be. Yet, they made some key moves, determined to avoid another letdown in October and make it to the World Series.

How about a Mount Rushmore of Baseball — a monument of each team’s all-time top four players. Debatable? Yes, but our selections are set in stone. And the 14th installment of our annual Baseball 101 tutorial is all about debuts — leading off with Jackie Robinson’s historic first major league game 75 years ago.

It’s Opening Day . . . Time to Play!

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