Your updated playoff seeds:

AL: Yankees (1) vs. Texas (3), Minnesota (2) vs. Tampa Bay (4)

NL: Philadelphia (1) vs. San Diego (3), Cincinnati (2) vs. Atlanta (2)

Thoughts: The Giants let the Padres back on top (and let the Rockies climb even with them in the loss column) with their second straight loss to the Brewers, which makes you wonder, does anyone want to win this division?

The Rockies sure seem like they want to, and yesterday, they executed one of my favorite moves: A September trade. In acquiring Octavio Dotel (just a Dodgers money dump), Colorado picked up bullpen help only for the duration of the regular season. Dotel arrives well past the Aug. 31 deadline to be eligible for Colorado's postseason roster.

--For my Sunday Insider, I wrote about players who might be traded this winter. There was no science in picking Carlos Beltran, Matt Kemp and Zack Greinke. They were just three players about whom I've had conversations with industry folks lately.

This column also features thoughts on Hisanori Takahashi and Nick Johnson.

--So are Yankees fans feeling better about the Yankees? Goodness me, I thought some of the panic of the past week was overstated. Yes, the Yankees lost seven of nine games, but five of those seven losses came by one run. That reflects a team that's just missing, not one with serious problems.

--Having written that, I am surprised by how cavalier Brian Cashman is about A.J. Burnett's black eye. Yes, Burnett pitched fine with it on Friday night, and no, for all of his reported wackiness, there's no record of any domestic disturbances, or a police record of any kind. Nevertheless, if my $82.5-million pitcher showed up at work with a shiner, I'd want to know why it happened.

Especially if it's an $82.5-million pitcher who may not have a history of criminal activity, but who does have a history of being a meathead.

--Anthony Rieber, in Baltimore, thinks Lance Berkman will come through with a big postseason moment. It'll be interesting to see how Joe Girardi uses his bench come playoff time. If the Yankees get Texas, as they currently would, what will be the lineup against lefties Cliff Lee and C.J. Wilson?

--Mark Teixeira got the night off, Erik Boland writes. 

--Nice column by Mark Herrmann on Bobby Cox, one of the game's best all-time managers, at the Mets game. I don't expect there to be a huge crowd today at Citi Field, but I'd expect those in attendance to loudly pay their respects to Cox. It's usually like that when a respected adversary steps down.

One of the more amazing parts of Cox's career? If you look at his managerial record, you'll see a four-year gap, from 1986 to 1989. He spent that time as the Braves' GM, during which he traded for John Smoltz. Not bad.

--The Mets' bullpen has performed well without Francisco Rodriguez, Cody DeRespina writes. I'm not sure it proves much beyond the fact that you never know what can happen in a small sample size. Perhaps it will convince Takahashi that he should stay in the bullpen, as a scout suggested to me in my Insider.

--Dodgers fans are not applauding the selection of Don Mattingly as Joe Torre's replacement, and I can't blame them. As we discussed the other day, Mattingly is a risk, albeit an interesting one. 

 --Self-promotion alert: I'll be on "Sports Extra" at 10:30 tonight, on Fox 5 in New York, with Duke Castiglione.

--Have a great day.

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