At the Yankees' win over Texas yesterday, I wrote about Freddy Garcia and the pitching clinic he put on for the many fringy Yankees pitchers. It was not a fun day at the ballpark, thanks to some brutal weather, but it was fun to watch Garcia pitch. I especially enjoyed speaking with people who knew how good Garcia was during his prime - Alex Rodriguez, Ron Washington and Michael Young - to get some perspective on how different a pitcher Garcia is now.

--Mark Teixiera is not really off to a great start, but it's far better than his usual Aprils. 

--A-Rod left the game early. We'll see today how he's doing.

--My Sunday Insider features thoughts on and/or from C.J. Wilson, Barry Bonds and Kiko Calero.

--Man oh man, has this Mets season gotten ugly early. You could point to the Jason Bay and Ronny Paulino injuries, but really, their pitching has been their downfall. It has been as bad as a worst-case scenario would have painted. Even though they allowed a reasonable four runs in each game yesterday, the runs came early. Right now, the Mets could badly use some zeroes on the pitching side early, just to calm things down.

Citi Field is going to be an absolute ghost town when the Mets return to town on Tuesday night.

--Bay might return Tuesday. So that's something.

--Chris Young is on the disabled list, speaking of worst-case scenarios.

--Have a great day. If I were you, I'd look for giveaway contests here on Wednesday and Thursday. But you didn't get that from me.

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