He was for three innings, anyway.

Burnett faced nine Phillies Monday afternoon and retired all nine. He threw 45 pitches, 30 for strikes. He faced the Phillies "A" lineup, meaning one with Shane Victorino, Jimmy Rollins and Ryan Howard.

"They’re just getting going like we are," Burnett said. "That’s why you don’t get too caught up in results. It's more how you feel and the fact I’m able to repeat myself now and not really think about it is where I want to be."

But Burnett, coming off the season he is, wasn't saying results were irrelevant.

“I was downhill for the most part and I was in the strike zone,” Burnett said. “I know I said it’s just the second spring start and everything, but I didn’t’ want to go one inning and give up four homers and come out and be like, ‘it’s just my second start.’ The fact I was in control, the fact that last batter I faced (Wilson Valdez), the last five pitches were all down and away, and they were all in the perfect spot. I’m able to repeat easier and, as of right now, my mind’s clear and I’m not thinking about this and that, and just attacking.”

Catcher Russell Martin was impressed.

"He had his 'A' stuff today," Martin said. "His fastball was coming out effortless. He was awesome." 


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