Todd Frazier of the Yankees reacts after a child was...

Todd Frazier of the Yankees reacts after a child was hit by a foul ball off his bat in the fifth inning against the Twins on Sept. 20, 2017 at Yankee Stadium. Credit: Getty Images / Abbie Parr

TORONTO — Todd Frazier spoke to the father of the young girl struck by the foul line drive he hit Wednesday at Yankee Stadium and said she is “doing OK.”

“Didn’t really get into details, I didn’t want to cross any boundaries or anything,” Frazier said Friday, a day after their “five- or six-minute” conversation. “But he said she’s doing good . . . I basically told him I’m probably going to call him every day, just to see how she’s doing. And eventually, I’m going to want to meet up with them.”

Frazier’s 105-mph line drive into the stands near third base hit the girl in the fifth inning of the Yankees’ 11-3 win over the Twins on Wednesday.

The game was halted for several minutes as the child, whose name and age have not been disclosed, was tended to by paramedics. Personnel from both clubs, Frazier most of all, were openly distraught as they watched.

The girl eventually was carried out and transported to New York-Presbyterian/ Columbia Hospital, where she has been since.

“He told me not to stress over it, we understand how upset you were, it’s nobody’s fault and just one of those freak accidents,” Frazier said. “That family’s just happy that she’s OK, that’s the bottom line. I think they’re going to do more tests the next couple days, and then hopefully she can get out of there.”

Frazier said it was odd hearing the father try to make him feel better.

“He wanted to make sure I was OK, which was kind of crazy to think,” he said. “Good dude. Can’t wait to meet him and his family and have a little relationship with them.”

Frazier called it a “freak” accident.

“It was a cutting line drive at 105 miles per hour,” he said. “Even with a glove, the normal person, it’s tough to get, even for me, or any infielder. It was just scary. I just want to make sure she’s all right.”

After Wednesday’s game, Yankees and Twins players called for the protective netting to be extended at all stadiums that haven’t done so, Yankee Stadium included.

In 2015, Major League Baseball announced a recommendation for teams to increase stadium netting to shield all field-level seats located between the near ends of both dugouts. Ten teams, including the Mets, have extended netting past the near ends of both dugouts this season. The Reds, Padres, Rockies and Mariners announced plans Thursday to extend the netting at their stadiums.

The Mets extended their netting to well into the outfield foul territory during the All-Star break in July. The Yankees extended their netting slightly during the offseason, but only to the beginning of each dugout on each side, as recommended by MLB. There are indications they will extend it farther by next season.

“I think 2018, that’s too late,” Frazier said. “I think it should be up sooner than that.”

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