Yankees' Curtis Granderson celebrates in the dugout after his two-run...

Yankees' Curtis Granderson celebrates in the dugout after his two-run home run against the Athletics during the first inning. (May 31, 2011) Credit: AP

Curtis Granderson continues to lead the Yankee Run Factor with a decent West Coast trip with one homer and 5 RBIs. Mark Teixeira now leads the Yankees in home runs with 18. Despite the .258 average, he continues to hit the ball out of the yard and drive in runs. 

Here is this week's report (with explanations below the chart): 

Curtis Granderson572474641171.228.238
Alex Rodriguez 532283533101.094.254
Robinson Cano562373338121.054.249
Mark Teixeira562523541181.036.230
Francisco Cervelli11353810.909.286
Derek Jeter55260341620.873.185
Russell Martin48187232790.854.219
Nick Swisher53222252450.830.198
Eric Chavez17395600.647.282
Brett Gardner56188251430.643.191
Andruw Jones245071040.542.260
Jorge Posada45169131760.533.142
Eduardo Nunez26536710.462.226
Gustavo Molina360000.000.000

What is the Yankee Run Factor? 

The Yankee Run Factor is a fairly simple statistical metric. It takes the "Runs produced" sabermetric created by Bill James and divides it in two different ways.

Equation 1

The first equation is R + RBI - HR / G = Runs produced per game, as indicated in the chart above as YRF/G.

Equation 2

The second equation is R + RBI - HR / PA = Runs produced per plate appearance, as indicated in the chart above as YRF/PA.

The Yankee Run Factor is updated every Monday | Past Yankee Run Factor reports.

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