MLB released the latest American League All-Star voting totals on Tuesday. Here is where the Yankees stand in terms of starters:

First base
Mark Teixeira, Yankees -- 610,581
Next: Justin Morneau, Twins -- 527,688
The skinny: Teixeira does not have a comfortable lead. In fact, if Teixeira continues to struggle at the plate, Morneau, who leads MLB in batting average (.374), could overtake him.

Second base
Robinson Cano, Yankees -- 811,300
Next: Dustin Pedroia, Red Sox -- 487,733
The skinny: Cano is heading to Anaheim as the starter, barring some incredible turnaround in the voting. Cano, batting .366 with 40 RBI, deserves to be the starter.

Derek Jeter, Yankees -- 1,005,810
Next: Elvis Andrus, Rangers -- 438,731
The skinny: Jeter, batting .307, will be the starter. Period. End of discussion.

Third base
Evan Longoria. Rays -- 915,247
Next: Alex Rodriguez, Yankees -- 632,268
The skinny: Longoria is already in that stretch where one player dominates a position for a number of years and ends up starting every All-Star Game.

Joe Mauer, Twins -- 1,138,286
Next: Jorge Posada, Yankees -- 427,310
The skinny: Mauer is much like Jeter (huge lead) and Longoria (one player dominating a position for a number of years).

Designated hitter
Vladimir Guerrero, Rangers -- 725,752
Next: Hideki Matsui, Angels, 465,615
The skinny: Some sentimental Yankees fans would undoubtedly like to see Matsui start the All-Star Game in Anaheim. But Guerrero deserves the nod, as evidenced by his .335 batting average.

Ichiro Suzuki, Mariners -- 604,675, Nelson Cruz, Rangers -- 541,042, Carl Crawford, Rays -- 532,201
Yankees in the voting: Curtis Granderson (385,353), Nick Swisher (368,218), Brett Gardner (364,470)
The skinny: Josh Hamilton of the Rangers (462,556) has a chance to crack into the top three at some point. But otherwise, it looks like it could be a starting outfield of the current leaders.

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