Yankees radio broadcaster John Sterling prior to a game against...

Yankees radio broadcaster John Sterling prior to a game against the Mets at Yankee Stadium on Aug. 4, 2016. Credit: Jim McIsaac

John Sterling's home runs calls for Yankees are quite the thing around here. Whenever a new player joins the Yankees, a little section of the vast social media world wonders and guesses at what Sterling's home run call for that player will be.

Here's a collection of Sterling's home run calls through the years.

Rougned Odor

John Sterling's HR call: You are Odoriffic! . . . Je t’adore, Odor!

Jay Bruce

John Sterling's HR call: "The Bruce is loose!"

Edwin Encarnacion

John Sterling's HR call: "Una celebracion for Edwin Encarnacion!"

Thairo Estrada

John Sterling's HR call: "Thairo hits one to Cairo!"

Gio Urshela

John Sterling's HR call: "Gio Urshela, he's one happy fella!"

Mike Ford

John Sterling's HR call: "For the Yankees, there's a Ford in your future! Mike is Ford tough!"

DJ LeMahieu

John Sterling's HR call: "David John makes long gone!"

Mike Tauchman

John Sterling's HR call: "Tauchman, the sockman!"

Troy Tulowitzki

John Sterling's HR call: "Tulo-hit-ski! The man of Troy!"

Gleyber Torres

John Sterling's HR call: "This is Gleyber Day! And he is the Gleyber of the month!"

Also: "Like a good Gleyber, Torres is there!"

Giancarlo Stanton

John Sterling's HR call: "Giancarlo, non si può stoparlo! It is a Stantonian home run!"

(The first part of the phrase roughly translates from Italian to, "Giancarlo, you can't be stopped!", though the proper Italian word for "stopped" is "fermare." Sterling appeared to use "stoparlo" for rhyming purposes, though he used "fermarlo" on later home runs before switching back to "stoparlo".)

Sterling also used this call for Stanton: (singing) "Non dimenticar, that ball sure traveled far! Giancarlo! It is a Stantonian home run." (The first part of the phrase translates to "Do not forget.")

Miguel Andujar

John Sterling's HR call: " Andujar hit it far! And he's getting Miggy with it!"

Brett Gardner

Sterling's call: "Let the Gardy party begin. Brett Gardner plants one in the [insert field] seats." Previously, Sterling used: "Gardy goes yardy!"

Luke Voit

John Sterling's HR call: "Luke Voit hits one to Detroit. Cool Hand Luke is filling the Voit." Previously, Sterling used: "Luke here, Voit is adroit!"

Austin Romine

John Sterling's HR call: "Romie, my homie!"

Also: "Austin POWERS one!"

Gary Sanchez

John Sterling's HR call: "Gary is scary!"

Aaron Judge

John Sterling's HR call: "All rise! Here comes the Judge! On Judgment Day, he homers to [location]!"

Aaron Judge.

Aaron Judge. Credit: Jim McIsaac

Didi Gregorius

Sterling's call: "Yes in-Didi! Gregorius has Yankees fans euphorious!"

Aaron Hicks

John Sterling's HR call: "Hicks hits one into the sticks. Aaron hammers one!"

Greg Bird

Sterling's call: "Bye bye, Birdie! Here he is, the Birdman of New York."

Jacoby Ellsbury

Sterling's call: "Jacoby Ellsburies it! A jack by Jacoby!"

Clint Frazier

John Sterling's call: "Downtown goes Frazier! That Fraizah will amaze ya!"

Adeiny Hechavarria

John Sterling's HR call: "Hechavarria! Mamma Mia!"

Andrew McCutchen

John Sterling's HR call: "Cutch in the clutch!"

Shane Robinson

John Sterling's HR call: "Here's to you, Mr. Robinson!"

Tyler Wade

John Sterling's HR call: "Tyler waded into that pitch!"

Kyle Higashioka

John Sterling's HR call: "Higashioka, the home run stroker!"

Neil Walker

John Sterling's HR call: "Neil Walker, the home run corker, hits one to the seats!"

Brandon Drury

John Sterling's HR call: "Aaron's the Judge, but Brandon's the Drury!"

Todd Frazier

John Sterling's HR call: "He is the Toddfather. In Todd we trust."

Ji-Man Choi

John Sterling's HR call: "Ji-Man is a He-Man! Oh boy, oh Choi!"

Chris Carter

John Sterling's HR call: "Carter hits it harder!"

Matt Holliday

John Sterling's HR call: "Happy Holliday! Happy Holliday! Matt has bat!"

Billy Butler

John Sterling's HR call: "Yes, the Butler did it!"

Tyler Austin

John Sterling's HR call: "Tyler a yellow ribbon on that one! Austin powers one to [location]! Yeah, baby!"

Ronald Torreyes

John Sterling's HR call: "Torreyes is terrific! Bonny Ronnie!"

Chris Parmelee

John Sterling's HR call: "Parm does harm!"

Starlin Castro

John Sterling's HR call: "Star light, star bright, Starlin just hit that with all his might! Starlin is darlin'!"

Dustin Ackley

Sterling's call: "Dustin goes bustin'!"

Rob Refsnyder

Sterling's call: "Rob Refsnyder has Seoul!"

Jose Pirela

John Sterling's call: "Jose Pirela, he's a happy fella!"

Slade Heathcott

Sterling's call: "A heat shot from Heathcott!"

Garrett Jones

Sterling's call: "Jones leaves his Garrett!"

Stephen Drew

Sterling's call: "Stephen Drew! How do you do! He sends a 'Drewskie' to the fans."

Brian McCann

Sterling's call: "Oh McCann can, yes McCann can!"

Chase Headley

Sterling's call: "You can bank on Chase. Headley is deadly!"

Carlos Beltran

Sterling's call: "'Los is loose. A belt by Beltran!"

Alex Rodriguez

Sterling’s call: "It’s an A-bomb! From A-Rod!"

Alex Rodriguez watches the flight of his solo home run...

Alex Rodriguez watches the flight of his solo home run against the Indians at Yankee Stadium on August 20, 2015. Credit: Kathleen Malone-Van Dyke

Mark Teixeira

Sterlings call: Mark sends a Tex message! You're on the Mark, Teixeira!

Brendan Ryan

Sterling’s call: "That was Ryan's Hope!"

Chris Young

Sterling's call: "Younger than springtime! Forever young!"

John Ryan Murphy

Sterling's call: "John Ryan sends one flyin'!"

Martin Prado

Sterling's call: "Martin is keen. He is the Prado of the Yankees!"

Zelous Wheeler

Sterling's call: "Wheels up for Zelous!"

Brian Roberts

Sterling's call: "Bye bye Brian!"

Yangervis Solarte

Sterling's call: "Never nervous Yangervis!", then he sings "So-lar-te" to the tune of Dean Martin's "Volare."

Dean Anna

Sterling's call: "Anna is on the Dean's list!"

Derek Jeter

Sterling’s call: "El Capitan!"

Robinson Cano

Sterling’s call: "Robbie Cano, don't ya know?"

Kelly Johnson

Sterling's call: "Kelly killed it!"

Mark Reynolds

Sterling’s call: "You're on the Mark, Reynolds!"

Alfonso Soriano

Sterling's call: "Sori, RIGHT number!"

Zoilo Almonte

Sterling's call: "You know what (opposing city)'s thinking: Curses, Zoiled again!"

David Adams

Sterling's call: "David is Goliath!"

Curtis Granderson

Sterling’s call: "He’s something sort of Grandish! The Grandyman can! Oh, the Grandyman can!"

Travis Hafner

Sterling’s call: "Travis becomes a Pronx Bomber! A Hafner Homer!"

Vernon Wells

Sterling’s call: "The Bronx is Vernon! Wells rings the bells!"

Lyle Overbay

Sterling’s call: "Lyle hits it a mile!"

Brennan Boesch

Sterling’s call: "BB hits a BB! That’s Boesch, by gosh!"

Chris Stewart

Sterling's call: "Stewart Chris-tens the seats!"

Ichiro Suzuki

Sterling’s call: "Ichiro, the Yankees’ rising son, says sayonara!"

Ben Francisco

Sterling’s call: "He opened his Golden Gates and hit it into the seats! Hey! It’s a Ben Francisco Treat!"

Kevin Youkilis

Sterling’s call: "It’s a nuke from Youk!"

Eduardo Nunez

Sterling’s call: "Nuney to the mooney!"

Jason Giambi

Sterling’s call: "The Giambino!"

Jason Giambi homers in the bottem of the 10th inning...

Jason Giambi homers in the bottem of the 10th inning against Pittsburgh on June 15, 2005. Credit: Newsday Staff/Thomas A. Ferrara

Tino Martinez

Sterling’s call: "The Bamtino!"

Nick Swisher

Sterling’s call: "Nick is positively Swishalicious!"

Jorge Posada

Sterling’s call: "Jorgie juiced one!"

Bernie Williams

Sterling's call: "Bern, baby, Bern!"

Johnny Damon

Sterling’s call: "He hit a Johnny rocket!"

Hideki Matsui

Sterling’s call: "It’s a thrilla from Godzilla!" (If it’s a walkoff, add: "The sayonara kid does it again!")

Bobby Abreu

Sterling's call: "El comedulce!"

Melky Cabrera

Sterling's call: "The Melk Man delivers! That's the Melky Way!"

Lance Berkman

Sterling's call: "Sir Lancelot rides to the rescue! C'est lui! C'est lui!"

Andruw Jones

Sterling's call: "Andruw Jones makes his bones!"

Jesus Montero

Sterling's call: "Jesus has been turned loose!"

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