Joba Chamberlain said he had forgotten about the rush that accompanies an appearance out of the bullpen.

"When the door opens you get it going," Chamberlain said. "That feeling you get running out there."

Chamberlain closed today's 2-1 victory over the Tigers, though he knows that role with the Yankees is spoken for.

“There’s someone in front of me I think you guys may have heard of,” he said with a laugh. “I’m going with the [assumption] I’m probably going to lose that one.”

But, despite giving up two ground ball hits, Chamberlain looked good enough, getting a double play grounder and striking out Scott Sizemore on an 85-mph slider.

“I thought he attacked, he was ahead,” Joe Girardi said. “For his first time out of the bullpen after starting, for him I thought it was positive, and we’ll get him back out there again."

Chamberlain, as was the case last postseason when he ended up back in the bullpen, said he felt comfortable.

"There’s always a sense of knowing what you’re doing when you get a definite answer to what’s going on," Chamberlain said. "Just one of those things where you have to embrace it and be honored to be in that position and try and get better every day."


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