You saw Joe Girardi get tossed from last night's game by first base umpire Paul Emmel. After the game, Emmel issued a comment that the ejection was warranted. That was not necessary.

Enough already with the umpires being part of the story. From the crying of Jim Joyce after he blew the Armando Galarraga call to Phil Cuzzi's weak explanation of his antics toward Mets pitcher Francisco Rodriguez in last Sunday's game with the Giants, the umpires have to retreat into the shadows and do their job without comment.  The best crew is never noticed and that is the way it should be.

Doug Harvey, who will be inducted into the Hall of Fame this Sunday, was called God by the players because when he made a decision, there was no questioning it and he did not offer any lame excuses afterward.  Players respected that. A keen eye and a strong commitment to the game got him to Cooperstown.

His brethren should follow his lead.

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