The members of Yankee Stadium's in-house security don't carry Tasers, nightsticks or any other weapons. But that doesn't mean fans who run onto the field can expect to be gently escorted off it and back to their seats.

"Once you go on the field, you are completely fair game," rightfielder Nick Swisher said. "There's a lot of strong guys on the field, and those guys are there to protect us and do whatever they think is necessary."

There's a lot of debate in Philadelphia about whether it was necessary for a policeman to use a Taser gun on a 17-year-old fan who ran out onto the field Monday night during the Phillies' game against the Cardinals at Citizens Bank Park. Though the video of the youth being Tasered has become a sensation on YouTube, it apparently did not deter everyone. During Tuesday night's game, a 34-year-old man hopped over the fence and ran along the warning track as fans chanted "Tase him!" He was taken off the field without incident.

At Yankee Stadium, the police don't get involved until fans are taken off the field.

"Our security is instructed to contain the situation as quickly as possible, and then transition them to the police," Yankee spokesman Jason Zillo said. "It's important to note that any fan who enters the field of play needs to know that this is [serious]. You will be arrested. You will spend a night in jail."

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