Probably because they think a World Series title with Cliff Lee in 2010 is better than the chance that Montero will be a great hitter, which everyone says he could be. It's a tough call.

Ken Davidoff, on his blog, gives the insta-opinion that the Yankees should wait and sign Lee as a free agent.

The Yankees sure do have a lot of catching prospects, starting with Francisco Cervelli in the majors. They have Austin Romine -- or August Romaine, as Mike Francesa likes to call him -- in Double-A.

Here's part 1 of a Q&A the folks at Pinstripe Alley did with Romine last month. Here's Part 2. Good stuff.

The Yankees also have Gary Sanchez, who is hitting .385 in the rookie Gulf Coast League. Obviously he's a ways away.

Gotta figure the Yankees are comfortable with Cervelli/Posada for 2011, and then Romine/Cervelli after Posada's contract expires.

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