Morning, all. Yanks-Sox tonight in Fenway. Lots of walking wounded. A-Rod getting verbally trashed by Dallas Braden, again.

Sounds like a fun way to end the week.


-- Our Yanks man in Boston, E-Boland himself, checks in with this Insider look at Brett Gardner , who is doing exactly what he did in college: Proving everyone wrong.

-- More pressing for the Yanks is Andy Pettitte's health. Brian Cashman told Boland that the Yanks lefthander will be evaluated today to see if a stint on the disabled list is necessary. Same goes for Jorge Posada, whose day-to-day status is now stretching into a fourth day; he may hit the DL if he can't play tonight.

-- Ken Davidoff gives you a preview of a stabilizing Red Sox team, which is back above .500 after a sluggish first month.

-- And then there's A's pitcher Dallas Braden. Hoo boy. The Yankees go back to Oakland July 5-7. I'm guessing that Alex Rodriguez will not be thinking much about Dallas Braden between now and then, and won't have much (if anything) to say about Braden's latest pronouncements. I'll go a little more in-depth on this bizarre feud later in the day.

Enjoy the rest of the AM. Back in a bit with some more Yanks goodness.

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