NBA deputy commissioner Adam Silver talked today about something needing to be done soon for there to be an 82-game season:

"I mean, yes, I think that's a truism; it's a function of the calendar, and part of the issue is with modern arenas now, that become these, in essence, town halls in many of our major cities; Madison Square Garden would fall in that category, United Center, STAPLES Center, they get booked up. There just aren't many available dates.

And I'm sure as all of you saw, if you look at arena calendars, when we released the first two weeks of the season, almost instantaneously, those dates got filled with major concerts. And so it's really a function of finding building dates and there are also network dates as well.

There's no doubt that once we come to an agreement with the Players Association, we will have a common interest in putting together as most complete of a schedule as possible. And whether or not an 82?game schedule is still possible is unclear to me. I mean, as David has said previously, we have just lost part of the calendar and I think that's part of the pressure on both sides."


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