Carmelo Anthony was in Baltimore for a ribbon-cutting ceremony at...

Carmelo Anthony was in Baltimore for a ribbon-cutting ceremony at Robert C. Marshall Park where he used to play youth sports on Tuesday, Aug. 2, 2017. Credit: Tim Schwartz

BALTIMORE — Carmelo Anthony didn’t want to talk about his future — or potentially lack thereof — with the Knicks at a charity event in his hometown on Wednesday morning.

He did, however, describe the last 12 months after winning Olympic gold in Rio de Janeiro as “an emotional rollercoaster.”

“But I had to find peace, I had to come to peace with myself, come to peace with kind of the situation I’m in, kind of try to find happiness again,” Anthony said while standing next to Baltimore City mayor Catherine Pugh. “I kind of lost that a little bit, but I’m finding it now and it feels good.”

Anthony was in Baltimore for a ribbon-cutting ceremony at Robert C. Marshall Park, yards away from a baseball field where he played Little League and a rec center where he played basketball until it closed when he was in middle school. He is serving as the host for The Basketball Tournament championship game between Team Challenge ALS and Overseas Elite, which will air live on ESPN on Thursday night.

Anthony was presented with a “mayor’s medallion” for his service and commitment to the community during the ceremony.

“I’m good. I just cut a ribbon, we in Baltimore. That’s all I’m focusing on,” he said. “I got a medal from the mayor today, so I’m good. I’m not really thinking about anything else at this point.”

The focus afterward, though, was on Anthony’s drama-filled offseason with the Knicks.

He said he doesn’t plan to meet with the team this offseason and is at peace and was “a long time ago,” before saying he doesn’t know if he will be playing his home games at Madison Square Garden in the fall.

“I’ve been good. I’ve been away from the fray,” Anthony said. “You haven’t heard any comments from me. I’m growing my hair out right now, spending time with the family and I’m being an AAU dad right now. That’s what matters to me right now; nothing else really matters.”

Anthony said the firing of former team president Phil Jackson was “a business decision” and that owner James Dolan “has got to run his organization.”

The Knicks’ new management team — general manager Scott Perry and president Steve Mills — was introduced on July 17 and Anthony said he has not spoken to either yet. Anthony added that he has known Perry dating to Perry’s time as a front-office executive with the Detroit Pistons and through the draft process in 2003.

Pugh, however, had a clear message to whichever team Anthony will play for next season: “Carmelo Anthony rocks. So I hope whoever has the opportunity to embrace him will understand that they have a champion and someone who not only knows basketball but is committed to the community and committed to the team he plays for. So I’m excited for whatever his future is.”

“This is not a paid advertisement,” Anthony said with a laugh.