Carmelo Anthony watches USA basketball play against Puerto Rico at...

Carmelo Anthony watches USA basketball play against Puerto Rico at Madison Square Garden on Aug. 22, 2014. Credit: Getty Images / Al Bello

Carmelo Anthony said Thursday there were business reasons in addition to basketball ones that led him to re-sign with the Knicks this offseason.

"I just couldn't leave from that perspective," he said at the Bloomberg Sports Business Summit in Manhattan. "There were so many opportunities that I started to build upon here in New York City, business opportunities, different situations.

"I just felt if I was to leave, I would have to start all over in the next place, meet new people, build that foundation up once again, and it took me a lot to build that foundation and get it up and going to where it's at right now."

Anthony spoke at length at the summit about his new company, Melo 7 Tech Partners, which focuses on investing in tech companies, most recently the secondary ticket search engine SeatGeek. (Peyton and Eli Manning also invested in the company.)

"I want to brand myself as the digital athlete," said Anthony, who used the word "brand" often. "I really want to be the pioneer for that digital athlete, and when it comes to tech, I want to be the face of that space."

Anthony insisted his business interests will not be a distraction during the season.

"No, not for me," he said. "I have a day job, so that's why I have a partner who can keep the motor rolling and keep the wheels turning. I do what I do, he does what he does."

Anthony, who signed a five-year contract, said he had no interest in a shorter-term deal.

"I plan on ending my career here, so it wasn't for me to go out there and try to strike a two-year deal and then have to go through this situation in two years," he said. "I'm not doing that [free agency] ever again. But I did it and I experienced it and it's behind me now."

He said he has not had a chance to spend much time with team president Phil Jackson. "He's a smart guy, a very smart guy," Anthony said. "I look forward to the books he's going to give us for training camp."

Knicks camp at West Point.The Knicks announced they will hold training camp at the United States Military Academy's Christl Arena Sept. 30-Oct. 4.


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