LeBron James is a free agent and will announce his...

LeBron James is a free agent and will announce his decision of which team he'll play for next on Thursday at 9 p.m. in an ESPN one-hour special called "The Decision." Credit: AP

Isiah Thomas went to Cleveland on Wednesday to take one last shot at getting LeBron James for the Knicks.

Former Knicks president and coach Thomas offered his services when current Knicks president Donnie Walsh grew frustrated with the lack of feedback from James' group, which kept all of the teams looking to sign him in the dark about his intentions before his announcement last night that he will sign with the Miami Heat.

Thomas has a connection with some of James' inner circle and went for a face-to-face meeting to attempt to find some answers on behalf of Walsh. Thomas did not go intending to meet James or his business partner, Maverick Carter. Instead, he talked to some others in James' group.

"He took a shot," said a person with knowledge of the situation. "Isiah was an in."

Walsh had been in touch with James' agent, Leon Rose, but Rose was not forthcoming. Walsh had a few trade scenarios in place in case James did not choose the Knicks and didn't want to fly blind for too much longer. Now Walsh can pursue his other alternatives.

Thomas was one of several connections the Knicks utilized in the free-agency process. Walsh included Thomas in a list of people he wanted to thank for assisting the Knicks in landing power forward Amar'e Stoudemire, who was officially introduced Thursday at Madison Square Garden.

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