Shaquille O'Neal poses for photos before he leads the Toddler...

Shaquille O'Neal poses for photos before he leads the Toddler Rally For Global Health's Big Push in Manhattan. (Sept. 25, 2012) Credit: Getty

Here are some of the things TNT analysts said about the Knicks on Thursday night:

Charles Barkley: “They don’t get a lot of easy baskets. I don’t think a team can win a championship shooting jumpers.”

Charles Barkley on Jason Kidd: “He is like a player coach out there. Jason Kidd is one of the smartest guys who has ever played in the NBA.”

Charles Barkley on the return of Amar’e Stoudemire: “Amar’e is going to have to play defense and rebound the ball. Can he do that? I’m not sure. The jury is still out.”

Shaquille O’Neal: “Every now and then you get a team that can beat you with the long ball. They have a look in their eye like they want to win a championship.”

Chris Webber: “The reason Carmelo [Anthony] is in the main race for the MVP is because he trusts his other teammates. These guys are sharing.”

Steve Kerr: “I’m a believer in the Knicks. The last two teams to win an NBA title both played small. Neither one was a great rebounding team...New York has Carmelo [Anthony], they’ve got three-point shooting, they’ve got [Tyson] Chandler. If they can hold up, I believe this team is a championship contender.”