The Hawks' Joe Johnson works against the Knicks' Wilson Chandler...

The Hawks' Joe Johnson works against the Knicks' Wilson Chandler during a game at Madison Square Garden. (March 8, 2010) Credit: Jason DeCrow

LAS VEGAS - After his marijuana possession arrest May 18, Wilson Chandler believed it was no use to reveal that he was clean - and that an NBA-mandated test the next day proved it.

"I didn't really want to talk about it," the 23-year-old forward said while watching the Knicks lose, 100-90, to the Nuggets in their NBA Summer League opener Sunday. "No matter what I said, people were going to make different stories about it."

Chandler told Newsday that he was in a car with his friend, Lamonte Yarbrough, and "basically, he [Yarbrough] had some marijuana on him. The police pulled us over. That was basically it."

During a traffic stop in Queens, police found a joint and a total of less than two ounces of marijuana in the car. The quiet, soft-spoken Chandler, a native of hardscrabble Benton Harbor, Mich., said he wasn't using the drug that night and doesn't use it. "Just my friend had it in his possession," he said. "I had to do a drug test the next day and it came up clean."

After the incident, Chandler canceled his Twitter account. He said he had planned to do it even before the arrest because of an annoying amount of negative responses he received from fans who followed him and often tried to provoke him.

"There was too much going on, as far as fans and people disliking you and stuff like that on Twitter," he said. "About the team, Coach [Mike D'Antoni], me. It was just too much to go through."

Chandler had surgery on his ankle in April and then a sports hernia operation in May. He is here with the Knicks to work out and expects to be cleared to play full-contact basketball by the end of the week.