Free-agent wish list

Steve Nash

Has expressed an interest in playing for the Knicks and will be the first player the Knicks contact. But they won't have nearly as much to pay him as Toronto, Phoenix and Dallas.

Ray Allen

Had ankle surgery after an unimpressive postseason, but when he's healthy, he's still one of the best shooters and would help any contender. The Celtics, Heat and Suns are expected to be in competition with the Knicks.

Jason Kidd

See Steve Nash with some caveats. The leaguewide interest won't be as great as for Nash, but the Mavericks and Brooklyn Nets are probably ahead of the Knicks in Kidd's pecking order and both teams can offer more.

Andre Miller

A solid veteran who helped the Nuggets win some playoff games last year. He's tough-minded and a good leader and might not cost as much as some other free-agent point guards.

Jason Terry

Another veteran who would be a good leader and has gone deep in the playoffs. He could play both backcourt positions and might fall in Miller's category of not too expensive.


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