A night after LeBron James danced on the court in Cleveland at the expense of the Knicks, he was at the Garden on Tuesday night dancing to Jay-Z. The Cavs All-Star and the No. 1 target in this summer's highly-anticipated free agent market, who was in the area for last night's game against the Nets, was seen by many among the sold out crowd dancing and singing along to Jay-Z's hit, "Empire State of Mind," which has become the new anthem of New York City.

Jay-Z is not only a close friend of James, he also owns a small stake in the Nets, who plan to move to Brooklyn by the 2011-12 season.

James sidestepped talk of free agency after Monday's game, in which his Cavaliers blew out the Knicks, 124-93. When directly asked if the Knicks' moves to clear enough salary cap space to potentially sign two superstar players, James replied, "I stopped answering free agent questions a long time ago."

But it hasn't stopped others from talking about it. Or trying to predict what he'll do. The situation is sure to reach Brett Favre status by the time the calendar flips to July 1, which is when the Knicks can officially begin to recruit him.

The news that James had petitioned the NBA to change his number from 23 to 6 next season was met with conjecture that he might be leaning toward staying in Cleveland, because a player only needs to file paperwork to change numbers with his current team.

But then came James' actions at the concert, which were broadcast Wednesday on YouTube, to feed more speculation. In fact, James did the same thing - but was actually on stage - when Jay-Z's current tour had a stop in Cleveland in October.

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