Friends Chad Ochocinco (left) and Terrell Owens supplied their vocal...

Friends Chad Ochocinco (left) and Terrell Owens supplied their vocal thoughts on the LeBron James situation late last night prior to the Entertainer's Basketball Classic at Rucker Park in Harlem.

In the wake since last week’s LeBron-pocalypse in Cleveland (and to an extent, New York) where NBA MVP and former Free Agent LeBron James announced his decision to leave Cleveland and join the Miami Heat –spurning the Knicks in the process – the former fan favorite James has become a villain.

The newest member of the Heat is as hated an any NBA player right now outside the confines of Greater-Miami as any in recent memory. And many celebrities, athletes and fans alike have given their two-cents on LeBron and the vocal and public way he went about his decision on ESPN last Thursday night.

Last night at Rucker Park in Harlem, two of the NFL and sports worlds most vocal athletes shared their opinions on LeBron. And not surprisingly, the vocal and outspoken Terrell Owens (Free Agent Wide Receiver) and Chad Ochocinco (Cincinnati Bengals) supported LeBron and his decision.

Both Ochocinco and Owens chalked up LeBron’s decision to mere business. And business was without a doubt the paramount thing the new VH1 reality show duo was after last night at Rucker, as Owens played against a Ochocinco-coached team at the Entertainer’s Basketball Classic on the court at Rucker late last night.

While sitting on transported Black-leather couches – which had been set up as a pseudo-VIP area on the Rucker handball-courts adjacent to the famed Rucker basketball courts, here is what each had to say:


Owens: “I don’t have anything negative to say about it. It was a decision made for LeBron. LeBron and his family, other than that he did everything that he could do. He honored his contract, he played it out, got into Free Agency.”

Ochocinco: “Everybody has been talking about him the last week or so. I don’t know why, the man was a Free Agent, he felt he did what was best for LeBron. All of us had different opinions probably cause he isn’t LeBron. HE did what was best for him.”