Tyson Chandler dunks in front of Miami Heat center Chris...

Tyson Chandler dunks in front of Miami Heat center Chris Bosh (1) during the first half of a game at Madison Square Garden. (March 3, 2013) Credit: AP

Tyson Chandler was back to his old self today, talking and laughing with the media.

It’s probably a sign that he’s feeling better. It’s unlikely he will play tomorrow against the Clippers – Carmelo Anthony either - but Chandler is feeling better.

“I know I’ll be back in the next couple of games,” he said.

In Portland Thursday, Chandler initially refused to speak to reporters, but then stopped and said very little, which is unlike him.

But he talked about his bruised left knee today. There’s swelling, soreness and stiffness, but nothing else he said.

“There’s no damage there,” Chandler said.

It looked bad when it first happened in Denver as Chandler crumbled to the floor after Corey Brewer backed into the side of his left knee. Chandler thought the worst at first, especially after he needed Chris Copeland and Kurt Thomas to help him to the locker room.

“I feel very fortunate and thankful there was no structural damage,” Chandler said. “It was an awkward play and that’s normally how things happen. So maybe a half hour after things calm down I knew it wasn’t as bad as potentially it could have been.”

Chandler and Anthony, who fluid drained from his right knee Thursday, are questionable tomorrow. But Mike Woodson prepared today as if he wouldn’t have either of them.