Metta World Peace, who goes by "The Panda's Friend," introduces...

Metta World Peace, who goes by "The Panda's Friend," introduces his panda-friendly shoes on Instagram on Sept. 23, 2014. Credit: Instagram / realtalkwithmwp

The story doesn't end with Metta World Peace's name change.

The NBA star, formerly known as Ron Artest, now has the sneakers to match.

World Peace, who wants to be called "The Panda's Friend," told fans he will wear "Panda Friendly" shoes while playing for the Sichuan Blue Whales Basketball Club of the China Basketball Association.

"These are fun and comfortable," World Peace tweeted on Monday. "Phase one of Metta in China #thenewThePandasFriendsneakers."

The shoes, which come in black and white colors, have a stuffed bear attached to them.

"The bear is not detachable. The Teddy bear is a permanent and is the pandas friend!" World Peace clarified for his Twitter followers. "The ears on the side are also not detachable. Enjoy."

The shoes were available Tuesday on World Peace's website.

Wait, the story still doesn't stop there.

World Peace said he has two more sneakers that he will be wearing while he plays for the Sichuan Blue Whales this season.

The one-year deal to play with Sichuan is worth $1.43 million, making World Peace the highest paid import player, according to Sports Illustrated.

What will World Peace do next? Only Twitter will tell.

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