BRADLEY BEAL, PG Florida, Fr. Dynamo point guard Bradley Beal...

Florida, Fr.
Dynamo point guard Bradley Beal showed his mettle in the NCAA Tournament, leading Florida to several upsets and a near-Final Four berth. Beal’s consistency was mind-blowing: in all but six games, he scored between 11 and 22 points.
Credit: AP

Attentions fans of Tankapalooza! We've got a running list of early entrants into the 2012 NBA Draft!

The draft, rightfully so, is probably the last thing on NBA fans' minds, considering how crazy the last week of the regular season should be. You know, because we have no idea who is going to make the playoffs in the Western Conference, nor do we know of the 76ers are capable of playing themselves all the way out of the playoff picture.

If you need a break from all of the scenarios, or the magic numbers have given you a headache, or if you're a Bobcats fan, you can click here for the 31 college freshmen, sophomores and juniors that have declared for the NBA Draft.

We'll keep this updated leading all the way up to the June 28 NBA Draft.

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