US boxer Floyd Mayweather (L) and WBA Super Welterweight World...

US boxer Floyd Mayweather (L) and WBA Super Welterweight World Champion Miguel Cotto of Puerto Rico face off during a press conference at Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood on March 1, 2012. Mayweather and Cotto will meet in a WBA Super Welterweight World Championship fight on May 5 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. AFP PHOTO Robyn BECK (Photo credit should read ROBYN BECK/AFP/Getty Images) Credit: Getty/ROBYN BECK

A nice moment for Floyd Mayweather Jr. - donating $100,000 to Habitat for Humanity during a run - turns bad when he roots on an Asian runner by calling out, "Pacquiao, let's go Pacquiao."

Floyd sent out three tweets complaining about this week's episode, tweeting that HBO isn't giving the viewers a good show. He wasn't specific in his complaints.

Best spoken line, Miguel Cotto: "Since he passed away, I feel his absence every day." Miguel Cotto speaking about his father. Both fathers brought their sons into boxing, but what a different relationship the two fighters have (had) with their fathers.

Best Spoken line, Pedro Diaz. "Things that are not possible in Cuba, are possible in the United States.  My turn, this is mine." On his defection from Cuba.

Followed by a great written line by Aaron Cohen -- What's proved possible five years after his defection is a spot in the corner of the biggest fight of 2012 so far. 

Training Days: Cotto's interval running.

Best written segment: Every boxing career begins with dreams of perfection. But in nearly all cases, reality invetibly interferes. At which point it's up to the fighter to discover how defeat can benefit him. Disappointment can crystalize purpose, doubt can fuel hunger, and perfection might yet present itself for the taking again. -- Nicely done.

Best supporting cast: Odlanier Solis.

Interesting: Testing Cotto's blood midway through the workout, to measure muscle fatigue.  If Cotto somehow beats Floyd, every fighter in the world will be doing this. My guess is that the testing means very little. Dempsey, Louis, Ali, Marciano, Leonard, Duran all got by without it. 

Predictable that Mayweather poked fun at Cotto for bunking with his friend. At this point, it is silly to even comment on it.  He did close the segment with a great line, though, by saying  he wants Cotto to sleep comfortable, because, "I'm going to make him uncomfortable on May 5."

The great thing about Floyd and 24/7 was that it used to be unpredictable. Floyd was capable of making you angry one moment and leave you laughing the next.  He showed us so many different sides that the only we were sure of, was that no one knew the real Floyd Mayweather Jr. But writing these reviews and repeatedly pointing out Floyd's ridiculous behavior - like driving with his pupils dialated - is getting boring.

Back to Floyd's tweets. Maybe Floyd is right, that the best stuff was edited out. Or maybe it's not the show, but leading the man?

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