Fight Camp 360: Inside The Super Six World Boxing Classic, episode 5, premieres on Showtime tonight at 10 p.m. ET/PT.

Here's what you have to look forward to:

This episode of Fight Camp 360 focused primarily on the Andre Dirrell-Arthur Abraham fight. It was a good fight and the sudden, controversial ending made it that much more compelling. Here's a post about the fight and in case you missed it, Abraham was disqualified for hitting Dirrell while he was on one knee.
What Fight Camp 360 was able to offer that the original Showtime broadcast could not, was the additional audio immediately following the disqualification. Several members of Dirrell's camp were miked and that audio and additional footage was cut into this episode.
The most emotional part of the show was Dirrell's reaction immediately after the fight. He did not know that Abraham was DQ'd, he simply thought he was knocked out. At one point, he was crying and said to his promoter, Gary Shaw, "I got knocked out Gary!"
Best Spoken Line, Andre Dirrell: "All I could think about was everybody get away from me, I couldn't breathe."
Best Spoken Line, Kalle Sauerland, Abraham's promoter. "Wait until he [Dirrell] gets hit by one." after Round 1 of the fight.
Best Spoken Line, Kalle Sauerland, part 2. "Come on Arthur, wake up," after Round 7.
Best Spoken Line, Carl Froch. "For every 10,000 lovers, there are 10 haters." Funny.
Best Spoken Line, Mikkel Kessler. "I was a great fighter, but I couldn't recognize myself in that fight," of the loss to Andre Ward.
Training Days: Great training sequence of Froch with the amateur fighters hoping to compete for England in the Olympics.
Best Supporting Cast: Gary Shaw, Dirrell's promoter.
Loved the scene with Arthur Abraham and the rapper on the street.

Heart wrenching. After the DQ, Dirrell's fiancee shouted into the ring that Abraham was a coward. In the next scene, Dirrell was walking back to the dressing room and asked, "Someone called me a f----- coward?"

Drama. The fact that everyone is miked during the fight -- family, promoters, other fighters, girlfriends, adds to the drama.
Showtime handled the Abraham controversy well. Initially, King Arthur accused Dirrell of acting. They may still believe that, but Ken Hershman is right, Abraham is a likeable guy and a good story. He threw that punch in the heat of battle and said those things in the heat of the moment. Let's move on.

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