You wouldn’t think a college basketball coach could offer much insight to running a football team, but Cowboys rookie head coach Jason Garrett said a recent meeting with Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski proved invaluable. 

“I think you’d be hard pressed over the last 30 years to find an organization,
in or out of sports, college or pro, whatever it is, that has been more successful than Duke basketball,” said Garrett, who succeeded Wade Phillips as the Cowboys’ head coach. “He’s obviously been there that entire time. He was very gracious and generous to have me there in the heart of their season. He has an amazing way of creating an environment that is so organized, so systematic, so seamless, the execution and everything they do is off the charts. He also has this amazing personal touch with everyone
involved in the organization.” 

Garrett summed it up Krzyzewski’s program this way: “It’s a combination of IBM at its finest moments and the greatest mom and pop shop you’ve ever seen and he puts it together.”

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