Josh Rosen of UCLA runs upfield during the second half...

Josh Rosen of UCLA runs upfield during the second half of a game against Texas A&M at the Rose Bowl on Sept. 3, 2017, in Pasadena, Calif. Credit: Getty Images / Sean M. Haffey

This is where everyone who follows the Giants normally would be inclined to have an opinion on the quarterback situation for Week 17, what with there being little else to discuss regarding this sad sack of a team.

But no.

Do whatever you want, interim coach Steve Spagnuolo, with possibly outgoing starter Eli Manning, presumably interim backup Geno Smith and potential something-or-other Davis Webb.

New Year’s Eve 2017 is irrelevant. The Giants’ clock starts when the ball drops.

In fact, among Giants fans, the most interesting QB in Arizona this past weekend might’ve been UCLA’s Josh Rosen, who was there for Tuesday’s Cactus Bowl against Kansas State, a game he is expected to miss after a recent concussion. He could line up nicely for the Giants with the No. 2 overall selection in the draft.

Interim general manager Kevin Abrams and the UCLA team coincidentally were at the same Scottsdale restaurant on Saturday night, but that was not the time for a get-acquainted chat with Rosen. Such things will come, whoever the GM and coach are.

Already, Rosen apparently is trying to engineer the process. ESPN reported Sunday that he will signal he is not interested in going to Cleveland, which has the No. 1 overall draft pick, and would prefer the Giants.

Manning pulled that trick in 2004, encouraging a trade from the Chargers to the Giants. Now he might be facing his last home game before stepping aside for another young gun who believes he would look good in blue.

All in due time. First the NFL will force the Giants and Redskins to play one last time.

By all means, Coach Spags, go ahead and start Eli, as he said he would after Sunday’s 23-0 loss to the Cardinals. Why not? Manning got his chance to be celebrated by fans against the Cowboys on Dec. 10, when he returned from one game on the bench, so that is out of the way. This will be less warm and cuddly. But if he wants to play, fine.

Starting Smith would be fine, too. There is so little left of the original starting lineup, it could get dangerous out there, and Smith is more mobile than Eli.

As for Webb . . . whatever. Dressing the rookie for the first time would make some sense, but given the dysfunction on offense, it could be counterproductive at this late stage.

If Spagnuolo were going to have Webb in uniform, he might as well have done it against the Cardinals — giving him the option of a few snaps in a blowout loss on the road in perfect weather — or on any of several other logical occasions late this season.

Afterward, Spagnuolo was asked if the rout might have been a missed opportunity to get Webb on the field. He said that even if Webb had been active, he would not necessarily have pulled Manning because it was a two-possession game into the fourth quarter.

“I get the question; I get it,” he said. “I’m trying to be smart. But first and foremost, we’re trying to win the game.”

Spagnuolo said he will “see how it goes” during the week regarding whether to make Webb the backup against the Redskins.

He should, if only to make sure the guy’s jersey fits properly. Among Manning, Smith and Rosen — and Spagnuolo — Webb is the one most likely to be a Giant in September. But mostly, his window for useful work this season has closed. Pity.

There are no wrong answers here, nor are there any right ones. Start Phil Simms if you want. See if Joe Pisarcik is available. Sign Colin Kaepernick, just to stir things up.

Better yet, hand off the ball every play to get it over as quickly as possible and allow Giants fans to go home, thaw out and throw their 2017 calendars into the recycling bin. Or burn them.