Former Giants fired defensive coordinator Bill Sheridan, right, who was...

Former Giants fired defensive coordinator Bill Sheridan, right, who was fired after the team allowed the second-most points in franchise history in 2009. (File photo, 2009) Credit: Getty Images

Bill Sheridan said he knew he was not long for his job as Giants defensive coordinator, not only because the team was performing poorly but because he had been reading his professional obituaries for several weeks.

"You guys had painted a picture in the paper every day that I should be fired," he told Newsday. "So I wasn't surprised at all."

These days, Sheridan coaches the Dolphins' linebackers. And though his job title and location may have changed, the story line has not. The Dolphins are 0-6 and dealing with daily speculation that head coach Tony Sparano will be fired before the season ends. Sheridan might stick around or might be fired with Sparano.

"I deal with it the exact same way I dealt with it back then," Sheridan said of the uncertainty and deluge of articles calling for and predicting a regime change. "We are so completely engrossed in trying to prepare and get ready for the next one that all that peripheral stuff that goes on amongst your world, that doesn't even cross our thoughts. We're too busy trying to win."

That's been a difficult chore.

"It's very frustrating," Sheridan said. "Just like in New York [in 2009], we are busting our backs every minute of every day in preparation trying to win. We don't have anything to show for it now in terms of wins, so that's frustrating, but the one good thing I always tell the players here is we have a game next week, so there's always an opportunity to redeem yourself every single Sunday."

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