It was a little strange standing in front of Ahmad Bradshaw’s locker listening to him talk about what it means to him to be the starting running back, only to look at the locker next to his and see Brandon Jacobs. But that’s the way it is for these two best buds every day. Obviously Jacobs isn’t taking the demotion as well as he could, but Bradshaw said he doesn’t take it personally (while inadvertently confirming that Jacobs does indeed have an issue).

“We’re still brothers,” Bradshaw said. “If he has a problem with the front office, it has nothing to do with me, which he’s told me.”

You can read all about Bradshaw and his new role here.

Coincidentally, the Giants play the Carolina Panthers this week. Hey, don’t they have a pretty good running back tandem too? Didn’t DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart each rush for over 1,000 yards last year (and no, not all in one day against the Giants although it might have felt that way)? They were, in fact, the first running back tandem in NFL history to each rush for over 1,100 yards; five others had two backs reach 1,000, including the Giants in 2008 with Jacobs and Derrick Ward.

“That makes us as running backs work harder,” Bradshaw said. “You always want to be the best backfield on the field in every game. We’re going to work hard to be the best backfield this week.”

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