Chris Canty DT 6-7, 317 Virginia Motivational speaker who was...

Chris Canty
DT 6-7, 317 Virginia
Motivational speaker who was named 2011 United Way Man of the Year. His mother is an ordained Methodist minister.
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It’s been five months since the Super Bowl, but Chris Canty still has strong feelings about some pregame comments.

Appearing on NBC the afternoon of the game, Packers quarterback aaron Rodgers suggested that the Giants got up slowly from plays and used phantom injuries to slow down the Green Bay offense in their playoff game three weeks earlier. Rodgers didn’t name names, but one of the players who was hurt late in that game was Canty. At the time, many people thought he may have been faking the injury, especially many people at Lambeau Field where he was booed while lying on the ground.

Canty wound up having to have surgery on the left knee that he hurt in that game (although the injury predated the playoff game and started affecting Canty late in the regular season). He’s still not practicing with the team.

Some phantom.

“It’s unfortunate that a fellow player would think that about another player and about injuries to another player,” Canty said of Rodgers’ comment. “You try to have something called professional courtesy. You don’t want to accuse someone of something if you don’t know the full circumstances. But you should (know them). That’s no excuse. He should understand. He knows first-hand what NFL players go through and he should be sympathetic towards that. And I’m disappointed that he made that comment.”

As for his knee, Canty said he is coming along well and plans to be ready for the start of training camp in late July.

“Still on track, we’ll be ready to roll,” he said. “(I’ll) be excited to be healthy and be back out there.”

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