New York Giants center John Michael Schmitz (61) participates in...

New York Giants center John Michael Schmitz (61) participates in drills during New York Giants rookie minicamp in East Rutherford, N.J., Saturday, May 6, 2023 Credit: Noah K. Murray

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If you haven’t heard of the dead ball snap, you are not alone.

You also may see a lot of it from the Giants this season.

It is a kinder, gentler snap — more of a floater — that is easier for the quarterback to handle but also gives the defense an extra beat. It is designed to eliminate the dreaded bad snap.

The center — in this case Giants rookie John Michael Schmitz — places the nose of the ball in his palm rather than gripping it like a spiral. It is the snap that Schmitz used at Minnesota, and it may be that offensive line coach Bobby Johnson is intrigued by the possibility.

Daniel Jones will be one of the decision-makers, of course, if the dead ball snap is to come to life with the Giants. “I mean, it’s whatever is comfortable for Daniel [that matters],’’ Schmitz said. “I’m flexible doing the dead ball snap or the regular snap. Doesn’t change a thing for me. [Johnson] just wanted me to feel most comfortable to get the snap back there.’’

The Giants’ other draft picks weren’t asked to do a lot in the minicamp. Brian Daboll said that was because those players “have been on the road quite a bit [and] had a lot of pre-draft visits.” The goal this weekend was to keep everyone healthy.

Looking up to Barkley

Rookie running back Eric Gray has yet to speak with Saquon Barkley. “You know, he’s a great player, had a lot of success in this league,” Gray said, “so I plan on learning a lot from him in the room.” Gray transferred from Tennessee to Oklahoma for his final college season mainly so he could work with Sooners running backs coach DeMarco Murray. “The most important thing I took from him is just being a pro every single day, no matter what’s going on,’’ Gray said. “Everybody has something going on, and you have to be on your P’s and Q’s every single day.”

Bryce Ford-Wheaton, the 6-3 receiver who (surprisingly) went undrafted and signed with the Giants for $236,000 guaranteed and a $30,000 signing bonus, looks the part.

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