Jim Sorgi and Eli Manning both sat out today's practice with injuries. Actually, Manning was out with an equipment issue more than an injury. Still, Sorgi said he thinks Manning got the worst of Monday's game.

“He got 12 stitches,” Sorgi said. “I didn’t get any stitches so I caught the good end of that stick. And mine ended in a touchdown pass.”

Sorgi took his belt on a blitz when he was drilled throwing a pass to Victor Cruz for his second touchdown of the night.

Sorgi has stayed away from comparisons between Eli and Peyton Manning for most of this preseason, but he said their toughness is comprable.

"I'm pretty sure if Eli had to come back in that game on Monday night he probably would have," Sorgi said. "I've seen Peyton take some hits, one especially against Washington, probably about four years ago. He got bent back like a pretzel and came to the sideline and said he couldn’t feel his arm. The next play he was out there throwing the ball. I guess you don’t need to feel your arm to throw it."

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