Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning throws a pass against the...

Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning throws a pass against the Oakland Raiders in the first quarter. (Sept. 23, 2013) Credit: AP

The one salvation for the Giants as they regrouped on Monday to lick the wounds of a fourth straight loss was a glance at the standings.

The Giants may stink, but so does every other team in the division. The Cowboys are on top with a 2-2 record and the Eagles and Redskins each have one victory. For all of their troubles, the Giants are only two games back.

They have an opportunity to get closer on Sunday, and may be cashing in on some family favors to do so.

The Cowboys play the Broncos on Sunday and it sounded like Eli Manning is already counting that game as a win for big brother Peyton and his seemingly unstoppable offense.

“Dallas is going to Denver this week, so we feel we’ve got to get a win here and hopefully we’ll get a win and we can be one game back,” Eli Manning said.

The game is actually being played in Dallas, but Eli's point is taken.

Tom Coughlin said he pointed out the perils of the other schedules in the division as well, drawing a path back into contention for the Giants. It was the first thing he addressed at his team meeting on Monday.

Of course the Giants still have to, you know, win a game.

“As bad as this thing we’ve dug for ourselves, it’s actually not too bad looking at where our division is at,” Cullen Jenkins said. “You have to try to find some type of motivation the way things are going now, just to get everybody riled up and keep everybody in good spirits. If you need that to look at, you’ll know it’s still right there. We have to win first, and then get moving forward.”

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