Eli Manning of the New York Giants celebrates after the...

Eli Manning of the New York Giants celebrates after the Giants won 20-17 in overtime against the San Francisco 49ers during the NFC Championship. (Jan. 22, 2012) Credit: Getty Images

Eli Manning’s prep work is legendary among the Giants. He studies film so he knows what defenses are going to be doing before they even know. Apparently he’s been putting similar efforts into his media sessions because Manning came prepared with a host of one-liners for the questions that began today and will continue until he walks off his final press conference podium next Thursday.

“Be prepared for everything, I guess,” he said was his motto for Media Day, which is a week from today. In the meantime, here were three good ones from the notoriously straight-faced, buttoned-down quarterback:

Manning was asked whether he’ll solicit advice from Peyton on dealing with the crowd noise at Lucas Oil Stadium: “I don’t think he’s ever been the away team in his own stadium,” he said.

Asked about Ann Mara confronting Terry Bradshaw during the trophy presentation on Sunday, he said: “Mrs. Mara, you see her and you think ‘Sweet Mrs. Mara’, but she is obviously very passionate about Giants football and passionate about this team and involved and knows players. I like her attitude. I like the way she spoke her mind about something she cares dearly about.”

And perhaps his best line came when he was asked if he ever regretted the “elite” line that has stuck with him throughout the season.

“I thought I gave an honest answer,” he said. “I didn’t regret it at the time or think anything of it at the time. Obviously it’s been made into a big deal, but I can’t always control that. I’m worried about getting ready to play this game and go out there and play my best football and get the team to play our best football. That’s my job. My job is to play the game. It’s your job to talk and make up stories.”

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