North Carolina tight end Eric Ebron is tackled after a...

North Carolina tight end Eric Ebron is tackled after a reception by South Carolina's Kadetrix Marcus and Brison Williams during the first half. (Aug. 29, 2013) Credit: AP

So, Eric Ebron … about those drops?

“I do not drop too many passes,” the tight end from North Carolina -- and, some people seem to believe, future Giant – said at the NFL’s Play 60 event in New York on Wednesday. “I had a rough sophomore year, yeah. I learned a new system. My junior year I only dropped four passes out of 63. Big whoop!”

It became a bit of a bigger whoop when he dropped a couple of passes at his pro day this spring. That kind of performance can stick with a draft pick, if not in the minds of GMs and scouts then at the very least fans and reporters.

“I can’t dictate what people say and want to say,” Ebron said. “I’m not the greatest tight end to ever set foot on planet Earth. I’m going to have drops. I’m a human. What happens happens. I do work on it, yes. It has progressed and gotten better, yes. That’s all I can do.”

Ebron, by the way, said he has not heard from the Jets at all despite reports that he had visited with the team. He said early in the draft process he thought the Bills and Lions showed the most interest in him, but lately things have been pretty chill from all 32 teams.

“Every team right now is lying in the weeds,” he said.

But he has thought about how he might fit in with the Giants, and the kind of impact he would have not only on their offensive production but on their system. He compared himself to Vernon Davis of the 49ers and suggested that the Giants might be able to use him in a similar fashion.

“I think I would force them to open up their playbook a little bit more with my talents and my skills for them to do things like that,” he said.

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