I hate to keep coming back to the comparisons, but Perry Fewell has already emerged as the anti-Sheridan. The big quote that best summed up that difference? When Fewell was talking about his desire to be on the sideline during games and asked “Who wouldn’t want to be there?”

Well, we know who didn’t want to be there.

“I love to be on the sideline -- that’s where the game is played,” Fewell said. “I enjoyed being in the box because I could see the entire field, I could make adjustments, but when you sit in the box and in a sterile environment … it’s good for you as a signal-caller, don’t get me wrong. It is extremely good as a signal caller. But then when I had the opportunity to go back down on the field, I mean, who wouldn’t want to be on the field? Who wouldn’t want to be there on Sunday afternoon at 1 o’clock with pads clicking? Who wouldn’t want to be there?”

While he didn't come right out and say that he'll be coaching from the field this season, he said from his conversations with Tom Coughlin that that is almost certainly what will happen.

Fewell also spoke about making the Giants’ defense more physical, an element Tom Coughlin has suggested was missing last year.

“While I like to make guarantees, I can’t,” he said. “But we started out by drafting (Linval) Joseph and he’s a pretty physical guy. I’m going to demand that we be physical and we play physical. The Giants’ defense is a physical defense. We know that from history. And I want to return to the Giant defense.”

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